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Vinhos de Ideias Próprias

It was during the year of 2010 that the urge to produce wines in a region already filled history and wine tradition. The aim is to achieve the of two worlds: the respect the tradition and his origins no make-up or additives, producing wines freshness in a region known its continental and warm terroir. All the wines are produced minimalist intervention processes, promoting the respect the vineyard, its grape varieties and the sustainability of the process, guarantying the highest quality in all the production.

We make wines with character


The Wines



I want Apelidos to be elegant, easy drinking young wines. Some wines appear easy but they have all I fruit, acidity and tannin. These are tasty wines that are very food friendly!

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Primeiro Nome

These are more serious wines, more complex, more elegant and bigger ageing potential. Primeiro Nome are wines that represent the vintage year and the process. These are wines made in the vineyard a careful selection of what I believe to be the grape varieties to make the possible wine.

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These will always be monovarietals. The grape variety change each vintage and it even be released every These are wines that highlight the grape variety, the place where it's planted and the potential of both together. These are special wines the simple connection of their production factors: soil, climate and grape variety.

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De nome Arinto

It's the producer's special "bottling". It's the wine that comes out different, that's special, that carries a unique identity. It's a wine that deserves to be bottled on the side, to show itself. It's a wine to share!

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Everything that affects the wine quality: soil, climate, grape varieties, farming, weather, the producer's philosophy. Each grape variety its own characteristics and it's crucial that understand them in order to make the most of the soil and the grape together. We should apply our knowledge and intuition to create the perfect association between every one of these factors in order to achieve the ideal wine.


As castas

Aragonês, Alvarinho, Arinto, Gouveio, Rabigato, Roupeiro, Touriga Franca, Trincadeira, Verdelho.


In Portugal there is a variety of planted grape varieties, the majority being indigenous or very well adapted varieties. Most wines are blends of different grapes in which each one provides its qualities. The grapes in these wines were selected by personal taste considering what I believe is their potential to produce wines character and a distinctive freshness.
If on one hand we have typical Alentejo grape varieties on the other I went grapes from other regions to add something new to the wines. Each grape variety the potential to elevate a blend or shine as a monovarietal.

The producer

About Miguel

"When I younger I wanted to be an innkeeper, today I want to sit at the table and share stories and knowledge some wine, bread and cheese. Life made me a wine producer. I've always been free to do what I wanted and I a happy child to have been able to grow in the countryside and a lucky teenager to have a cellar at home. The passion wine grew and to I express myself by making wine. Wine after wine, bottle after bottle, label after label, whatever I create, I do it as form of expression. It's I express myself a wine, a bottle or a label. It's I share what I like, what I think, what I do and what I feel."

Love & Respect
for nature from generation to generation

John Saras


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